Disc & Angle Grinder

With a powerful and reliable motor, heat-treated bevel gear and comfortable body grip Electrex grinders are well known for their superior performance. Grinding, and polishing surfaces of stones and metals are the main uses of these grinders.

Other applications include:

Removal of casting fin and finishing of various types of steel, brass, aluminum, and other metallic materials and castings;

Grinding of synthetic resins, slate, brick, marble, granite, and similar materials;

Grinding of welded sections; and

Cutting of marble, granite, concrete etc.

Model No. Capacity Power Input No. Load Speed Weight
EG 10N 100 mm(4") 600 W 11,000/min. 1.8 kg
EG 100 100 mm(4") 850 W 10,000rpm 1.7 kg
EC 410 100 mm 1200 W 13,000/min. 2.9 kg
EG 5 150 mm 12000 W 8500 rpm 3.7 kg
EG 7 150 mm 180 W 2000rpm 6.4 kg