Electrex cutters are the most popular and well-known tools in India. They are made with powerful motors for efficient and quick cutting. The cutter is compact, lightweight and double insulated to ensure no water damage to the motor. Electrex cutters are ideal for cutting tile, stone, granite, block, brick and marble.

Model No. Capacity Power Input No. Load Speed Weight
EC 4 100 mm 1050 W 12,000/min. 2.8 kg
EC 4A 100 mm 1040 W 11,000/min. 2.6 kg
EC 410 100 mm 1200 W 13,000/min. 2.9 kg
EC 5 125 mm 1400 W 12,000/min. 2.9 kg
EC 6 150 mm 1050 W 7,300/min. 3.3 kg